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01 August 2016

The daily act of showing up

I've recently started following Chris Riddell on Instagram, because he's my favourite illustrator.

Chris, if you are unfamiliar with him, has illustrated and collaborated on and written-and-illustrated heaps of books in the last two plus decades and has won lots of awards for them, in addition to being a political cartoonist for The Observer and a Children's Laureate and a dad.

He is, by all accounts, very successful.

Guys, Chris draws everything, all day, every day.

He draws fellow travellers on the train.

He draws family members at a wedding.

He draws on Periscope, to music.

He draws on his hand when he's run out of paper.

And, I thought, if someone this successful still needs to draw every day, why am I not writing every minute?

As Maria Popova beautifully said over on Brain Pickings, "the sole substance of genius is the daily act of showing up."

(If you have the time or are feeling un-writerly, read this article and the extracts from John Steinbeck's daily diaries.)

And write, write anything, in every spare possible moment you get.


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