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16 November 2016

Three Amazing/Geeky Kickstarter Things

Kickstarter is one of my favourite places on the Internet. Usually, sadly, items are beyond my budget, or the postage is, but all three of the following were just about affordable.

The first two just blew me away; the third I love.

Leafscape - a limited edition art book by Inky Leaves (funded, limited)

I love leaves. I collect them every autumn, and then throw them out again a month later, brown and curled and broken. Just imagine a natural white cloth hardcover book full of these, with embossed foil text on the front and sewn binding*, signed and numbered and ensconced in a beautiful slip case. There are only 489 up for grabs (11 are being donated to public libraries), however. The detail is phenomenal. If I had the coin I would have bought an original without hesitation.

*or lay-flat binding if the stretch goal of £23,000 is reached (only £400 to go)

All images belong to the artist, Jess Shepherd.

Impressions Cardinal Ed. Playing Cards (funded, unlimited)

A Kickstarter alum but just - just look at them.

All images belong to the creators, Make Playing Cards - MPC.

Constellation Dice - Voyager Anniversary Edition (funded, some limited)

Space dice, beautiful space dice. The rewards are set to arrive in time with the 2017 40th anniversary of the Voyager spacecrafts and the 450th anniversary of European exploration of the Southern Hemisphere.

All images belong to the creators, Gio Lasar Design.


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