19 February 2018

Overthinking, Overthinking

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I put this post off for a week (more, now) because I couldn't settle on anything to write about. I'd start, run out of words or thoughts, then time, then come back the next day with a 'better' idea.

I've been overthinking my story, too.

In short: there's a woman, a magic house, a spaceship, and a portal to fantasyland. At first I thought she should go into space. I really, really love space. But it just wouldn't fit. Then I tried to push her into fantasyland. Strangely enough, it felt forced.

I couldn't have her stuck in a house for a whole book.

Then (after much angst and despair at my writing ability) I remembered that was exactly what I wanted.

Well, I wanted the hosue to be an adventure.

Folks, I spend a lot of time at home. I work from home. Going out costs money and takes social energy; my home is my Fortress of Solitude. I've put time into making it comfortable and practical, and quirky and interesting. My home, my family (of pets) is my life. And I am not alone in any of this.

We can't all go marching off into the woods or mountains at the drop of a hat. Or conveniently stopping time in one world while we visit another. Ever since I was . . . a lot younger I've been making up stories where adventuring is the characters' job. I think I wanted it to be available to anyone (i.e. me), not just a 'chosen one' (i.e. not me).

Not that any of that stops me reading any and all speculative fiction I can lay my hands on. Just to be clear.

Anyway. Lesson number I've lost count: Don't write the story you *think* it should be (especially if it's based on what's currently trendy because that will all change in one to a few years anyway).


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