21 April 2019

Monday is not a Writing Day

[Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash]
I started this post two Mondays ago.

Some days getting words out is not easy. Most days, at the moment. I want to quit, turn on the PlayStation and disappear into someone else's story. There are some incredible stories on there and boy would I love to be part of writing a video game. But first I need to finish my story.

First I need to start it.

I mean, it's pretty much finished in my head, roughly. I need to write it out. I am very intimidated by how long that process will take. First draft, second, third, 100th. I dare not think about the part that comes after that.

I also flit between wholeheartedly believing in my story - a necessary part of the process, required for getting it written - and doubting it utterly - very good when editing. Of course, the timing is a little off. The believing part usually kicks in when I'm doing anything else. The self-doubt hits any time I try to write.

I know, write anyway. Write, write, write, and when you're not writing, read.

Just not, for me, on a Monday.
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