12 January 2020

On Renovating and Writing

Last year we bought a house. The only way most of us can buy houses these days: with parental aid.

It's shit. Everything needs so much work. New ceilings, new floors, new windows and doors, new bathroom, new kitchen. All of the walls need to be stripped of mouldy painted wallpaper and other mysterious layers. And then there's the garden. It's all far beyond my paltry DIY skills but we don't have any money left to pay people. Most days we hate it. Some days, however, the sun streams in through windows so full of condensation we can hardly see out of them, and fills the place with warmth and golden light and I start to see its potential.

I am currently coping by daydreaming about the finished product. This does help, mostly by way of escapism, also as a goal. But it's so, so far off that it starts to get overwhelming all over again. Maybe I should just daydream one room at a time. And then work on it.

Side Note
We knew this place needed work but didn't know it was SO much (the ceilings were a surprise). There was a chap living here right up until we moved in.

I find a similar sort of daydream-work balance is needed for writing. If I don't think about the finished story I start to loose sight of what I'm doing. If I think about it too much I start to realise I do not have the skills and what am I even doing writing anyway, no-one is going to like these dumb ideas, which, incidentally, are dumb.

I've got no answers yet. I guess the trick is to keep trying. And to treasure the sunny days.
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