Weird space

I'm in that weird space where I'm still figuring out what I'm trying to create and where and how.

I was fired last month. Well, my job was cut but it sure felt like a firing. And it made me wonder if maybe I'm not cut out for all this. If I'm forcing myself to do the wrong thing because I think I should. Granted few people have such choices and options before them, and we're not really those people, but right now I sort of have one. I could spend months sending out CVs to get another job that may or may not 'let me go' out of the blue. Or. Or I could pour everything I have into making something and maybe, just maybe, people will like it.

On an more positive note, I've had some interest in writing for the magazine from some terrifically creative people, which is so encouraging, humbling, terrifying! (You can find out more about it all on the website which I'm also still working on:

I also made a thing for my cats that's a bridge and a hammock.

And I finished The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers during the Easter weekend. This book is more fantastic than everyone else has already said. It 's the sort of story I wish I wrote and says the sorts of things I want to say, one day. I can't recommend it enough, or wait for more. (There's a sneak peek of Becky's next book here:

She also wrote this (and more, the rest at:
Go make your thing, even if you have no idea how to get started, even if you have no idea where it will take you. My bet is it’ll be somewhere pretty great. That’s true even if this particular thing doesn’t quite work out. At the very, very least, it’ll teach you something that will help you make the next thing, and the thing after that, and so on and so on, until you’re standing atop a giant glorious pile of things the world has never seen before — some broke and busted, others pure gold, all wholly yours.
So submit that manuscript. Record that song. Construct that cosplay. Bake the most daring pie of all time (and save me a slice, please). Do your thing. Nobody else can do it for you. I may not know who you are, but I know you can do it. You’ve got your sign. Take it and run.

Well then.

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Begin again

Creating is hard.

I haven't done much in the last few years, simply getting by has been challenge enough some months. But I have a couple of projects now that I'm excited about at least 50% of the time. I'd love to say 100% but that would be a lie because launching your work into the world is scary, and I have doubts.

Check out Projects for links out into the great web.

All my social media links are in About.

Contact takes you to the contact page on my website. No need to be having all that stuff twice.

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Warmth, and a desk

In January, I bought a desk from ebay and picked it up from Cheltenham, mainly because it was there. I also have a friend nearby who I welcome any excuse to visit.

I meant to write about it at the time but I was thinking about all of the people who might have my old address(es), and a 90th birthday cake, and other things.

The above is it currently, pending additional storage and maybe a chair.

Due to reasons, we haven't had any heating all winter, which was difficult. So we moved a few weeks ago to a house with heating and a wood burner that is nicer in many other ways too.

Then I took some photos for people who live far away. Kitchen, which I am rather fond of, lounge with strangely glowing television wall.

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Endings and beginnings

I've just finished two little stories. One is for children, titled 'Scout and the Invisible Cat who used to be a knight.' The other is a spooky short called 'One October Evening.' I don't think they reach 1000 words between them; that's why they took so long.

I miss being around wordy, writing-y people. Who understand that writing is harder for writers, not easier. Who've heard of Slaughterhouse-5 and Love in the Time of Cholera and Catch-22. And Neil Gaiman and Jasper Fforde.

Last, last weekend I went to Cheltenham to see a friend and to see Neil Gaiman. I hitched a ride to Newport with my in-laws who'd just been to visit, got the train to Gloucester and the bus to Cheltenham and arrived just in time. He was lovely, of course, and we did queue in the rain, and of course it was worth it. I wanted to talk to him for hours but all I managed to say was my name.

We did get a wee reference in his blog:

I went to Cheltenham, and talked and signed at the literary festival there: 400 people queued up afterwards, most of them in the rain, and I felt very guilty indeed.

He shouldn't feel too guilty. I mean, we were there because we wanted to see him. He was just there because he's nice or something.

I missed Jasper Fforde in Penarth / Newport, and the MCM Expo London Comic Con, which saddened me. On the up side, I now have a job! Hooray! Huzzah! Hoorah!

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In which I wish I could do more to support libraries

It was worst back when I was in uni, the libraries, with a swath of cuts being proposed country-wide, but I suspect it had been happening quietly for some time before then. This from the same folks who think the youth of the nation spend too much time playing video games and being influenced in the ways of violence (having also told them they can't play outside - but I'll not go there just now).

Then we said no way and so they still closed a bunch, although it was far less. They also said no to the 75% (seventy five!) cuts proposed in Herefordshire, and you can see the wonderful results of that here:

The Library Campaign unites groups, users and petitions under one banner - and that banner has an owl in it. They are a registered charity running on donations and membership fees. Because it's still happening. Even Kensal Rise, opened by Mark Twain in 1900, isn't safe. For the full list, including things we can actually do to stop this madness, go here:

Speak up for Libraries is also on the case and has a conference coming up on 23rd November (in London) where, judging by the speakers, they look to be having some very interesting chats:

The ever wonderful Neil Gaiman has plenty to say about the matter, and just did so in Reading in fact: I'm hoping they'll put some more of this up somewhere soon; if they do, I'll pop it below.

Meanwhile, the kitten has stolen my H key and it, the key, is nowhere to be found; Darryl is a minion (, as is my sister's birthday cake (; and my friend's husband got his spot in the MCM London Comic Con Comic Village, which is total awesome socks (* - scroll down to find EvilHairDay), and here's his main site:

*As has Widdershins, see bottom and here:


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