01 November 2017

So Scrunchies Happened

I'd meant to write more about my shop opening process. But I didn't. And I've forgotten everything I thought I'd say. So I'll start with now.

My most recent addition is some scrunchies. Not what I ever thought I'd start making and selling. I'd fancied some for myself, particularly of my favourite space fabric (which has proven so surprisingly popular in its dice bag format).

After some practice ones (all good, all in use!), I found about a dozen fabrics I wanted to try, and started with three until at least one sold. 12 scrunchies was enough to own if they didn't.

They're not going to make me rich, though they don't take nearly as long to make as the dice bags, and it's something I enjoy doing. Hopefully that shines through, because I just bought the next ten fabrics.

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