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New Things

Look, I added new stuff! ^^

Including some last minute Father's Day deals!

It's a little rough but it's real (as real as you can get online). A proper website is also in progress. Yikes!

The aim of The Unfinished Tea Room is to be a space to allow people to accomplish their dreams. I've seen people when they're doing what they love and you can just tell, can't you. It will have a creative slant, but also a whole bunch of side-ventures. SO all your likes, shares and even purchases are going towards achieving this. Thanks.

This wasn't where I was initially going with this post but here we are. Welcome, come in. One day we're going to be spectacular.


15 June 2015 Leave a comment

We're writing a book

Some raw writing from a book we're writing on anxiety and depression and life.


Sometimes Depression is like drowning.

Then it doesn't matter how great your life is or how beautiful the scenery is, this moment is killing you and all you want is out.

In keeping with this metaphor, you wouldn't offer a drowning person placating advice ("You just need to change your mindset."), although you might tell them to just keep swimming because that is encouraging. Or a hand. Or a cup of tea and a pizza because they are cold and tired and probably haven't eaten for a while what with barely managing to stay above water, to breathe.

When I have a panic attack there is that singular focus; I can't see or think anything else. Not the people yelling encouragement from the safe, dry beach ("You're going to be okay!"), not the buoy thrown behind me, not even that the water is only four foot deep, as it sometimes is.

Mind you, sometimes the water is 400 foot deep. Sometimes there is no buoy, no crowd on the beach. There is nothing, you are drowning and you are alone. That is the hardest, the worst thing and I'm sorry. I also promise you you're not truly alone. Somewhere, nearer than you think, someone else is drowning too, or perhaps has even learned how to swim. Hang onto them. Hang onto them and remember that to do so, to survive, makes you incredibly strong. Bear Grylls strong. Superhero strong.*

And usually, after all that, I can't remember what was so terrifying, just that it was. I'm knackered though, and hungry. It's hard work, fighting to stay alive. I wasn't joking about the pizza.

*If you don't want to call someone, message them. If you don't want to message someone, message me anyway.

04 June 2015 Leave a comment


I suppose this, too, is a form of overthinking.

(I'm sharing because there's a chance some of this stuff could be useful. Maybe.)

I didn't always do this. I was naive, yes, frequently frightened, but I did stuff. Nowadays I just sit and stew in and endless tirade of negative what-ifs.

Much of that is the anxiety/depression/stress (less of a mountain range these days, now just lots of little feet tripping me up whenever I stop looking). Some if it's growing up, losing innocence. The rest, I don't know. I do a lot of avoidance these days. I've even become scared of writing. That sounds ridiculous. I'm scared of failing at writing because I know it's what I'm supposed to do and if I don't write, I don't fail.

Everything has become negative like that. When? How? Why?

Uni was good. Uni made me feel like I could actually live my dreams. I need to find a way back to that person. I need to write again. Hell, even writing this feels fantastic.


05 May 2015 Leave a comment

Plans afoot

It's been a while since I had something to say. Now I have quite a lot, suddenly, and at last a long weekend in which to do so.

There's a bit of a plan unfolding. Remember that tea room I wanted? I still want it. I have very little to my name so I'm starting small, but I also have a whole heap of ideas.

Stay tuned.


03 April 2015 Leave a comment

Warmth, and a desk

In January, I bought a desk from ebay and picked it up from Cheltenham, mainly because it was there. I also have a friend nearby who I welcome any excuse to visit.

I meant to write about it at the time but I was thinking about all of the people who might have my old address(es), and a 90th birthday cake, and other things.

The above is it currently, pending additional storage and maybe a chair.

Due to reasons, we haven't had any heating all winter, which was difficult. So we moved a few weeks ago to a house with heating and a wood burner that is nicer in many other ways too.

Then I took some photos for people who live far away. Kitchen, which I am rather fond of, close up of my favourite corner, lounge with strangely glowing television wall.

11 March 2014 Leave a comment

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