Hey. I write stuff.
I keep starting thing but never making it past the first chapter, but I'll keep trying and maybe one day something will stick.


You know how you make an account here and there and suddenly you're splurged all over the Internet?

Blogger: storycomments
My other blog. Tiny reviews and quotes and such, from stories.

Blogger: teawren
This blog, following my writing progress/process.

Etsy: TheBookofCraft
Where I sell a few things I make.

Goodreads: Jen Bean
I like adding books. Community dabbler.

Google+: Jen Bean
I like this new 'Collections' thing.

Instagram: thebookofcraft
Pictures of things for my Etsy shop.

Instagram: unfinishedteas
Personal account. Mainly cats and collies.

Pinterest: unfinishedtea
Pin pin pin pin pin pin pin!

Twitter: unfintea
Standard Twitter account.

Website: www.unfinishedtearoom.co.uk
My website.
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