Writing Resources

Comic Book Publisher Submission Guidelines

Comic Book Script Archive (Actual scripts by comic book writers, including one by Neil Gaiman.)

Making Comics (Much information, about all of the things.)

Jane's blog on writing for television (Archive of blog posts 2005 - 2010. Still good.)

Oxford Dictionary Online (Free.)

Online Resources

Beautiful, free images (Use them for anything. Free.)

The best PDF tool online (It does all of the things. Free.)


The Nostalgia Machine (Music by year, 1951 to 2015.)

Keeping track of me online

Blogger: storycomments
Tiny reviews and quotes and such, from stories

Blogger: teawren
This blog

Etsy: TheBookofCraft
Where I sell a few things I make

Goodreads: Jen Bean
I like adding books

Instagram: thebookofcraft
Pictures of things for my Etsy shop

Instagram: unfinishedteas
Personal account. Mainly cats and collies.

Pinterest: unfinishedtea
Pin pin pin pin pin pin pin!

Twitter: _unfinishedtea
Standard Twitter account

My website

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