30 Days Wild - 4, 5, 6, 7

12 June 2020

Writing takes me a long, long time. Whole days are passing while I move words around...

The Wildlife Trusts' 30 Days Wild continues, and I'm happily following along, enjoying having a bit of direction to my activities and writings. I'm very out of sync now.

#4 Hug a tree

Many, many moons ago I 'rescued' and oak tree. It was an acorn lying on the ground that had sprouted a leaf and a root. I took it home and my mum has looked after it ever since, even bringing it with us when we moved from Carlisle to Carmarthen. Last year it produced its first acorns. She planted all nine of them and all nine grew, and now I have nine baby oak trees. I'm potting them up individually. One we'll keep to go in the garden - I have a spot at the back where it will have room to grow to full size. The rest I will give away, or find a bit of ground to put them in, when they're a bit older. 

Anyone need an oak tree?

#5 Listen to a bird song

I loved following Nina Constable's Wild World Doorstep Discoveries series. Each of the seven episodes featured a quick birdsong lesson from Lucy Hodson. I could usually hear the song echoed outside while I watched. Last Sunday's featured a wood pigeon and collared dove and today I listened to them calling on either side of the garden. I'd always assumed they were all doves but it turns out there's a easy and unforgettable distinction, which I can no longer not hear!

Check it out below.

#6 Follow a bee

I built a very basic bee house last month. A wood off-cut with holes drilled in it (half of them, it turns out, are too small) and a piece of an old plank for the roof, popped in a sunny spot. I didn't think it would work, I'd used hard wood, not soft, and suddenly all the bees had cleared off. Well, they're back now, thanks to copious amounts of bramble blossom and it absolutely made my day to see two little faces in there yesterday! So I spent quite a bit of time watching them today.

If you can't make one, here are some good places to buy them:

#7 Do your exercise outdoors

Does digging count?

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