30 Days Wild - 15, 16, 17

15 November 2020

So... This kinda got away from me a bit.

A combination of trying to do too much and being overwhelmed by our wreck of a garden.

I was going to write the rest in retrospect, but then it got to the 15th of November so I figured I might as well pick up here.

#15 Watch a sunrise or sunset

In the summer, the sun rises and sets behind the steep woods behind us. In the winter it rises and sets in front, and it's lower trajectory means it comes right in the windows. It's an absolute delight to wake up to and for early evening walks.

#16 Find the colours of the rainbow in your garden

I think there's more colour in my garden now than in the summer. 

For a some rambling writing attached to each of these follow the following Instagram links: RedOrangeYellowGreenBlue.

And, less delightfully...

#17 Take photos of something wild

We live opposite an MOD test site. There's a lot of land there left to itself. Occasionally some sheep or cows pass through, which is good for it. I've heard pheasants and owls and a cuckoo over there, and seen a sea of yellow ragwort, and a delicate drift of pink orchids. (Lady orchid I think, I need to check my pictures.)

This seasonal pond beneath a tree appeared in September and just looks so peaceful.